June 24, 2008

Yankee Country

We are planning a trip this summer to New York City and New England. I have never been to the northeast part of our country before (saving a sort layover in NYC) so this should be an interesting experience. It sort of balances out our recent trip to the west and we will be going during our first anniversary (if we needed another reason).

We will fly into New York (actually New Jersey) and spend a good three days in the city. Then we will rent a car in Stamford, CT and drive up the hills and mountains of the northern Appalachians. On the way we will stop in a
Shaker village that has been turned into a museum. We will then drive over to Maine and enjoy the Lobster Festival and the Farnsworth museum in Rockland. Then we make a final drive into Boston stopping in Exeter to see Kahn’s library. We will spend a little over two day in the Boston and Cambridge area.

If anyone has any suggestions on what we should see, where we should eat, or what we should read along the drive please let me know.


Brian said...

too cool. Can't wait to hear stories and see pictures.

Blake said...

Portland, Maine has some good restaurants and some awesome bookstores to visit. Somewhere on the coast of Maine is an old fortress that is on its own island that has a bridge that connects it to a small town. I am trying to recall the name of the town but I can't for the life of me. I will try to remember for you...also Manchester, NH is a nice little city. I will try to think of some others areas I have been to in that area and I will let you know!

Blake said...

It is Fort Knox off of Prospect, Maine...absolutely stunning (especially in March, which is when I saw it, with snow still covering the ground). Correction: its not on an island, it just seemed like it from memory. It is a broad peninsula.

ninepoundhammer said...

It looks as if you'll be driving through Kennebunkport, Maine--so stop off and say hello to George and Barbara Bush on Walker's Point.

You could also go a little bit off your path and go through Middlebury, Vermont and see the Waybury Inn (which they used as the site for Newhart). That would be cool.

Jacob Haynes said...

Thanks for the suggestions guys.

Blake, when did you get to New England? Sounds like you had a good trip.

Matt I am probably showing my youth but I had to go to wikipedia and lookup Newhart. Maybe if I start out with “Y’all mind if we stop by?” the Bush family will recognize a west Texan and invite me in for a visit.

Cor said...

Im jealous. :(