April 25, 2011

Hudson Wynn Haynes

Heath and Christina welcomed Hudson into the world on Friday.  We are all excited that he came healthy and that Christina is doing better.  Looking forward to being a good uncle for this little one.

April 19, 2011

The New Love Field

I usually can’t reveal too many details of the projects I am working on at my job on a public forum like a blog (airport design tends to have a lot of security issues). However when the airports put forth public websites or news stories I can certainly link to those. So below are two links to the Terminal renovation currently underway at Love Field. So go take a look at what will be the new Love Field:



I have greatly enjoyed working on this project and am excited to see it finally going up.  I'll leave you with some images of the terminal as it has changed throughout the years.
1940s Lemon Ave Building

1940s Lemon Ave Building

1950s Terminal

1950s Terminal

1980s Renovation

2014 Renovation