June 27, 2008


I suppose I have been tuned into news from the northeast region because of our upcoming trip. As a side note, this awareness is probably one of the positive advantages of non local missions. Anyway, yesterday New York City unveiled 4 large waterfalls along the East river. They where the design of artist Olafur Eliasson and cost $15 million dollars. The point of these waterfalls from the artist: to get New Yorkers to see the river instead of just drive over or under it. The point from the major: to create some gawking revenue.

Now I am all for art, I even support the idea that art’s purpose isn’t tied up in it being functional. But something doesn’t sit well within me when a piece of art costs $15 million to make. Maybe it is because at a certain dollar level I want a piece of art that changes history or at least becomes architecture. Maybe I would rather see a riverside park in which the residents of Manhattan could use and as well as see the river. Maybe it is because I found a project that is already underway that has much more potential.
High Line Slideshow Here.
High Line Video here.
NPR story on the waterfalls here.


ninepoundhammer said...

It's easy to design and build a $15 million artwork--when it is not your money.

As long as they either pay for it themselves or through a benefactor, I reckon it's fine. I just can't see sticking the taxpayer with the bill.

Bryce said...

I liked the waterfalls more before I looked at other pictures of them and saw what they were - just big scaffolding, that I don't like the looks of.

Do you know what the the High Line project is supposed to cost?

Jacob Haynes said...

Hey Bryce. How's your family this summer?

For the aesthics on the waterfalls, I think the brooklyn brigde works the best. The others are, like you said, just big scaffolding and don't seem to have any context.

As far as the High line project, I don't know it's cost. But I'm expecting it is pretty high. They are taking the entire thing apart, cleaning and reinforcing it and reassembling it.

Batman said...

Couldn't agree more my friend! 15 mil. could transform a city if you split it between a handful of artists in residence. I like your blog by the way man! I'll have to become a regular

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