December 31, 2007

Friendly Beasts

We had a great Christmas this year with lots of good visiting with our family. We noticed an interesting phenomenon when we were sorting through pictures yesterday: we had taken far more photos of everybody’s pets then we had of family members. This could be a result of our own lack of domesticated companions or could be that the animals were simply more photogenic then our relatives (kidding…mostly). Whichever the case they make for a nice composition:

I have plenty of philosophical thoughts and discussion tangents running through my head but I feel like saving them for next year.

December 14, 2007

Destroying the IRS

I have a question for all the hardcore Ron Paulers out there. NPR has been providing a lot of coverage on Huckabee since his recent up rise in popularity. They were specifically addressing his plan to completely dismantle income tax by increasing sales tax to 23%. Basically taxing what we buy instead of what we make. This sounds appealing to someone like me who does spend a lot, even though I know there has to be a catch somewhere in there. Anyway, it sounded to me a lot like something Ron Paul would do, and I am wondering how RP might look at this specific plan raised by Huckabee (would he agree with him, would he do something completely different, would he call Huckabee a moron and challenge him to a duel to the death using nothing but sporks)?

December 1, 2007

Dinosaur Oragami

Last week Laura and I went a bought a cheap as free Christmas tree from Wal-Mart and decided to decorate it with origami animals. We went to the library today and raided the children’s section for some extra design’s and hit the jackpot: a whole book dedicated to dinosaur origami. So here are some of our creations:







Horseshoe Crab

Dove (for top of tree)

Cardinal (folded by Grace)

The Two Mice

Sea Turtle

Humming Bird