March 23, 2008

Spring Break 2008 Part II

Road Trip

Our trip up to Colorado and back turned out to be a great road trip, one in a long line of trips to explore the west. I particularly enjoy the openness and the harshness of the west and it lends itself to some very long but very rewarding road trips. On this trip the majority of the time on the road was spent in New Mexico and the majority of what we spent our time looking at was rocks. Underground rock formations, sand dunes, volcanic lava rock, rock canyons, rocks piled up by the Anazasis, rocks carved out by mountain rivers, colored rock mesas, etc. Made us wish we were traveling with a geologist.

The Monahan’s sandhills out by my parents house.

The road up to Carlsbad caverns.

Inside the caverns

Hardened lava flow off the side of the highway.

Fajada Bute in Chaco canyon.

Pueblo Bonita in Chaco canyon

Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

Some random rock formation in northern New Mexico

We also saw a lot of very random signs along the road. Though we didn’t take pictures of most of them, here is the few that we can remember:

Dirt 4 Sale (pretty funny considering as far as the eye could see was dirt)

A cow crossing sign that was spraypainted to make the cow into a poodle.

Gusty Winds May Exist and Icy Conditions May Exist (quite metaphysical)

Old Hogs Are Beautiful

50+ billboards for a single truck stop that never told you when to exit (so we missed it)

The UFO museum in Roswell.

More pictures here


Anonymous said...

Please tell me you the alien bumper sticker is on your car now. Because that would be awesome!

Raghu said...

*please tell me the

Also, great pictures, especially the alien one. Hope the music worked out!

ninepoundhammer said...

My inclination is that an old hog wrote that sign.