April 28, 2009

Children’s Book

For Laura’s Children’s Literature class she got to write a children’s book, and I got to illustrate it. So we put much effort these past couple of weeks into it (and a late night last night) but it is finally finished. Much of the book was based on stories from both of our families. Hope you like it. (I know a blog is not the easiest format in which to read such a creation, but it hasn’t stopped me yet.)

April 26, 2009

Indi Summer Movie Guide

While I will probably be seeing several blockbusters this summer (Wolverine, Up, Star Trek, Harry Potter, etc.) it seems that there has been a plethora of potentially good smaller budgeted, indi-like films on the horizon. So here is a list of eight films I will be keeping my eye on (though will probably wait for DVD):

Is Anybody There?
In theaters: April 17, 2009
Reasons It Looks Good: Michael Caine and magicians
What it Reminds me of: Up

Rudo Y Cursi
In theaters: May 8, 2009
Reasons It Looks Good: Gael GarcĂ­a Bernal (Motorcycle Diaries)

The Brothers Bloom
In theaters: May 29, 2009
Reasons It Looks Good: fun con movie, Rachel Wiesz,
What it Reminds me of: Ocean’s 11

In theaters: June 12, 2009
Reasons It Looks Good: I usually like Low budget Science Fiction
What it Reminds me of: Pi

Away We Go
In theaters: June 12, 2009
Reasons It Looks Good: John Krasinski (the Office)
What it Reminds me of: Garden State

Food, Inc.
In theaters: June 12, 2009
Reasons It Looks Good: this one walk a precarious line, could be really good if balanced but probably will fall into the pit of political smear tactics

Paper Heart
In theaters: August 7, 2009
Reasons It Looks Good: documentary about current cultural understanding of love, Michael Cera (Arrested Development)

Where the Wild Things Are
In theaters: October 16, 2009
Reasons It Looks Good: if Though not really a summer release (even in a Texas sense), the trailer is very cool, in fact you should go watch it now, , seriously the link is right under this line, click it

April 24, 2009

Allegiances on LOST

One of the few shows I watch on television is Lost. I made this diagram to help me sort through what group was against what group in what year. There are potential spoilers if you are not caught up on the current season. Let me know if there is anyone I need to add.

April 22, 2009

Work News

So this week Corgan Associates (the firm that I work for) received two important pieces of news. The first was that we were awarded the new Parkland Hospital campus. While it won’t affect me personally, it was a huge boon for my firm. More details here:


The second is cooler on a personal level. I am in charge of our firm’s model shop and this week we received a laser cutter, which is basically a large printer but instead of printing ink; it cuts wood, paper, or plastic with a laser. So in practicing with it today I made a fantasti-car:

April 18, 2009

Anti-Federal Rhetoric

While I applaud Perry’s recent denouncement of Washington’s attempt to enact changes in state legislation with the bail out money, it still pains me to watch him try and give a speech. The man holding the highest office in our state, championing for our state’s competence in governance, comes off completely incompetent. He should take pointers from Daniel Hannan, a British statesman who recently told off the prime minister. Take a look at the eloquence of an English thrashing:

April 16, 2009

Spring Wanderings

Just some picture from the past month showing what Laura and I have been up to.

Trinity River Audubon Center

We went with a group from work one Saturday. If you look closely you will see that the ceiling is patterned with giant feathers.

Kite Flying in Irving

Deep Ellum Arts Festival

Lots of Street Vendors, Musicians, and Strange People

Farmers Market

April 14, 2009

Answer to PB Contest

Not that I expected anyone to get my obscure Calvin and Hobbes reference but y'all could have at least come up with some creative answers. Dad wins with his jar on the dash board theory (which was conveyed to me on the phone). His prize: a jar of peanut butter that is not half eaten or melted.

Peanut Butter Contest

Happy Birthday Mom!

Onto the contest: Whoever can guess what I am referencing with the picture below gets a prize. (Unfortunately Laura is exempt from this contest, meaning she should not answer or give anybody the answer)

April 13, 2009

God’s Will via Multiple Choice

I have been in several discussions as of late in which people have been planning for their future. There seems to be confusion in this area as to how exactly a Christian is to approach their future, which is understandable considering that we serve a God who both knows/determines the outcome of the future and a God who cares what we do with/how we live our life.

So some questions for my gentle readers, answer which ever ones you want to or come up with your own. There is no “right” answer that I am looking for; I am just asking for peoples honest experiences in life. I added “answers” just to make it easier, but please do not feel confined by my limited creativity with these.

When you pray to God about your decisions about your future, what do you ask Him for?
a) For some sign or epiphany as to what path to choose.
b) For good judgment with my decision.
c) For a peek into the future so we are confident in the result of our decisions.
d) other

What have you actually received from Him in this area?
a) Silence
b) Peace of mind
c) A voice telling me what decision to make
d) other

Do you see a difference in “a calling” and a regular “putting food on the table” job?
a) A calling is any vocation that carries a specific spiritual measure. A minister or missionary has a calling from God.
b) A calling is any vocation in which you are specifically designed for and you would not be comfortable pursing anything else. A regular job on the other hand is still important but could be traded for any other job with no objection.
c) There is no difference. A man working as a fast food worker is as called to that profession as a pastor or artist is to theirs.
d) other

What exactly do we mean when we say we are seeking God’s Will for our lives?
a) We are seeking the way He would prefer us live our life, because if we don’t choose His Will we will be living by our will which at best will be harder and at worst will result in complete disaster.
b) We are seeking knowledge as to how His Will will shape our life. We know He has our life planned out and would just like insight into how it will happen.
c) We don’t seek God’s Will because He has already told us what He prefers from our lives with Scripture and knowledge of His ultimate Will for the universe (and our life) is inconsequential for us to live in proper submission.
d) other

April 12, 2009

Killing Death

He will swallow up death forever-Isaiah 25:8

April 10, 2009

“Good” Friday

For our sake he made him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.
2 Corinthians 5:21


So this isn’t an animation but I thought that since I was on a video kick and I ran across a good video of my pastor online and it is Good Friday, I thought I would post it. On a side note, it seems like it should feel surreal that I can find my pastor on youtube but it was strangely normal.

April 9, 2009

Animated Video 5

A fun film using Watermelons and a local park.

Watermelon Nights from Dan Meth on Vimeo.

April 8, 2009

Animated Video 4

Steven Delopoulos’ music video for Ruin of the Beast.
Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-lD9m_YEXU

April 7, 2009

Animated Video 3

A beautiful claymation music video by Fleet Foxes.
Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DrQRS40OKNE

April 6, 2009

April 3, 2009

Animated Video 1

I am a big fan of animation and realized that I have run across several well done animated short videos on the web. Over the next week I will be posting about one a day for your viewing enjoyment.

First up is a fun claymation piece set to an Verdi opera.
Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDhHxIz83Ic