June 9, 2008

Log Throwing and Cliff Jumping

First off, I want to tell my little brother hi and that we are thinking of him and praying for him continually. Heath, we missed you on the fishing trip (we needed someone with some musical talent).

We had lots to do this weekend. Saturday Grace came to visit us and we went to the Texas Scottish Festival in Arlington. Though it was hot we had a great time and saw lots of kilts.

There was lots of music there and this band in particular was amazing.

The fiddler who looked like a mad scientist or physics professor (not much difference really).

Caber (telephone pole) tossing

I found some swords

And a Scottish terrier

On Sunday we loaded up a couple of cars and went to Lake Ray Roberts. Though the cliff jumping wasn’t as good as last time we had a blast (though I did get sunburned pretty bad).
The cliff that we jumped off last time, the water was probably a good six feet lower and you could easily see the bottom. Needless to say we found another cliff with acceptable water depth.

Jake and Timothy trying to climb the sandstone rocks. The Theresas waiting for the inevitable fall.

Myself going off.

Timothy getting ready.

Timothy making his leap.

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Brian said...

you and your cliff-jumping. You're going to break something, someday - mark my words!