June 2, 2008

Fishing in Black Gap

This weekend I took a trip down to Black Gap with my dad to go catfish fishing. These trips are the closest thing we have to tradition in the Haynes family. My grandfather worked down there for a good part of his life, and my father was raised in this cactus patch. Though it was a short trip and we didn’t catch many fish, we had a lot of fun telling stories, eating lots of burritos and steak, hunting arrowheads, and cooling off in the river.

Driving into Black Gap

The Rio Grande


My Dad

(L to R) Houston, Dallas, Uncle Robert, and Houston's four year old son Gage (whom if you look closely is playing with a machete provided by my father)

(L to R) Jake, Uncle Mark, Ricky Dan

I swam to Mexico to cool off

The sun shade I built out of cane and a tarp

Looking for arrowheads in Mexico

The four keepers that we caught (not our best haul by far)

Scorpion I caught trying to crawl in my bed


ninepoundhammer said...

Awesome scenery--I love family outings like that.

Mom said...

Did you mention how HOT is was? For some reason the Haynes' men always choose the most uncomfortable time to visit the river. I think it was so the women were glad to be left out of this particular "family custom".

Brian said...

While he's playing with the machete, why don't you go ahead and let Gage play with the scorpion too! Then he could have lots of sharp objects to entertain himself with!

heath said...

wish i could have come, looks like a blast.. anyways, take care and take it easy.