June 16, 2008

The Devil Made Texas

I thought I would pass along a Texas folk song that I heard last weekend. (It's not making the strongest theological statement but I don’t think it was ever trying to)

Oh, the devil in hell they say he was chained,

And there for a thousand years he remained;

He neither complained nor did he groan,

But decided he'd start up a hell of his own,

Where he could torment the souls of men

Without being shut in a prison pen;

So he asked the Lord if he had any sand

Left over from making this great land.

The Lord He said, "Yes, I have plenty on hand,

But it's away down south on the Rio Grande,

And to tell you the truth, the stuff is so poor

I doubt it will do for a hell anymore."

The Devil went down and looked over the truck,

And he said if it came as a gift he was stuck,

For when he'd examined it carefully and well

He decided the place was too dry for a hell.

But the Lord to just get the stuff off His hands

He promised the Devil He'd water the lands,

For He had some old water that was of no use,

A regular bog hole that stunk like the deuce.

So the contract was signed and the deed was given,

And the Lord went up to his spread up in heaven.

The Devil soon saw he had everything needed

To make a good hell and I'll say he succeeded.

He scattered tarantulas over the road,

Put thorns on the cactus and horns on the toads,

He sprinkled the sand with millions of ants

So the man that sits down must wear soles on his pants.

He lengthened the horns of the Texas steer,

And added an inch to the jack rabbit's ear;

He put water puppies in all of the lakes,

And under the rocks he put rattlesnakes.

He hung thorns and brambles on all of the trees.

He mixed up the dust with jiggers and fleas.

The rattlesnakes bites you, the scorpion stings,

The mesquito delights you by buzzing his wings.

The heat in the summer's a hundred and ten--

Too cool for the devil and too hot for men,

And all who remained in that climate soon bore

Stings, cuts, bites, scratches, and blisters galore.

He quickened the buck of the bronco steed

And poisoned the feet of the centipede.

The wild boar roams in the black chaparral.

It's a hell of a place that we've got for a hell.

He planted red pepper beside of the brooks;

The Mexicans use them in all that they cook.

Just dine with a Mexican and you will shout,

"I've got hell on the inside as well as the out!"


ninepoundhammer said...

I like it!

cor said...

nice. and accurate. you rarely get both these days