July 2, 2008

'All the more a pair of underwater pearls'

From my recent fishing trip to the Rio Grande I brought back a couple of resurrection ferns (I had some explaining to do going through airport security). These little plants grow in the desert and most of the year look withered and dead. But when it rains they spring to life, unfurl, and show of their bright green leaves. The following is a series of photographs I took after I had poured water on one of them. It took approximately 4 hours for it to fully unfurl.

This plant absolutely made Laura’s week and though seeing it many times growing up, I still marvel at the brilliant greens from a plant that a few hours earlier was dirt brown. A small example of creation revealing and reaffirming its creator in Christ the Redeemer.

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ninepoundhammer said...

That's a neat plant. I only wish the same effect was had on okra. (My poor okra.)