May 21, 2008

Kitchen Construction

I have been productive this week and made a spice rack, a bar to go over the kitchen sink, and a papertowel holder. They were kind of spontaneous, inspired after looking at an IKEA catalogue and thinking we could use one of those but why buy when I can build one, out of electrical conduit nonetheless. Some pictures:
the jars are from IKEA, sadly we don't yet have a pottery wheel and kiln...someday


Blake said...

Electrical conduit is quite possibly one of the greatest inventions ever thought up!

Brian said...

I don't even know what electrical conduit is. But, I'm guessing it has something to do with being a conduit for electrical wires.

As always, I'm very impressed. I know you probably think little of it, but it's rare these days, and sad, that so few of us know how to make anything. In my defense, I can make lots of good things with food and ideas!

Janelle said...

Very cool, Jacob. I'm impressed that you built something you saw in the store. Normally I talk myself out of buying something b/c I know I can make it cheaper myself, but then I never make it. So congrats on following through!

ninepoundhammer said...

Very nice--I'm jealous.