August 31, 2007

Bumper to Bumper

Diving through Dallas traffic everyday gives one time to ponder. It occurred to me that there are truths embed within my afternoon commute beyond fluid dynamics and economic models. So here are my thoughts:

You will notice very quickly that traffic will bring out the worst in people. But it doesn’t stop there; traffic can also shed light on the fact that if you combine a bunch of depraved humans, the corruptness and stupidity is exponential in growth, accounting for seemingly random halts in movement. Oh and there is a term for our need to see destruction, its called “onlooker delays”.

It is very frustrating to my sense of justice when I am staying in the slower lane so that I will not have to merge later on and slow things down. But it all seems to be in vain because someone else just goes around me, merging in my place. Sacrificing for the greater good is hard enough without idiots subverting your efforts. A lesson that could be learned by the Michigan legislature.

Taking our time and not trying to rush through the annoying/difficult parts of life should be a Christian staple. Our entire lives seem pointless when compared to heaven but that doesn’t make them so. Every moment will come and go with or without our overdeveloped sense of urgency.

To balance the previous idea, traffic also presents a good place to learn how to assert yourself. You will get nowhere fast on the Interstate if you are constantly submitting yourself to others when you don’t need to. There is a time for courtesy and a time for speeding up in order to merge.


Randy & Rachel said...

Loved your thoughts on traffic. They are all so true! I think I learn more about myself and others just by driving home somedays than I do at work! Thanks for articulating what we all have been thinking on our afternoon drives home.

Raghu said...

The solution is simple Jacob - just buy a Jesus Fish (Ichthys for the greek students) and all your problems will go away! It's in the bible... somewhere in the back.

Jacob Haynes said...

Yeah I hear they improve gas mileage...

Pyrrhadox said...

I've always enjoyed your insight, but this wit and snarky humor is a new and welcome addition to your written voice. You put a cynical, commiserating grin on my face and made me more grateful than ever that I'm only 15 minutes from work.

Also, I've been meaning for a while to comment and let you know that I'm reading and that you're more than welcome to link to my blog. I'm growing less concerned with anonymity and, in this increasingly disassociated world, any little tie that binds is to be valued. Thanks for your words.

ninepoundhammer said...

I empathise completely! I am of the firm opinion that the primary area of sanctification in my life is when I'm on the road.

I am brave and assertive--as long as I have a tonne of steel wrapped around me. And I usually come to the conclusion that those driving slower than I are morons and those driving faster are idiots!

I don't know why it is that driving brings out the worst in us but I know that it is an area I need most to work on. I am a safe driver but I am constantly voicing my displeasure with others. That's wrong in and of itself, but I have a daughter with very good ears in the back and that is not a good example for her.

Keep it between the ditches!