August 22, 2007

Pig Badger

Laura and I returned from a much needed romp to Wink, TX and back. We saw lots of family, ate well, and had lots of good conversation.

+Having my entire new extended family together (my brother and I recently got hitched)
+Talking with Laura’s great aunt and uncle who live in Colorado City
+Rocket, my dad’s new pup (imagine, if you will, a dwarf pig badger)
+Laura starting Harry Potter 7 for me by reading it out loud in the car
+Some brilliant discussions ranging from politics to hierarchy to road trips
+Some spicy shrimp and sausage



ninepoundhammer said...

I love Rocket's name--it's like when a giant guy is named 'Tiny.'

Jacob Haynes said...

My mom thought he kindof looks like a Rocket. Not too fast though...