August 7, 2007

We're Back

Just to let you know that we have returned home safely (we actually have been back since Saturday night). I felt fine the whole trip and we both had a great time exploring Northern California.

For those wanting wedding pictures, go to

I have also put up pictures of both the wedding and the honeymoon on facebook (hopefully we will get them up on Laura's photo site soon for you non facebook people). For now here is a small sampling of the honeymoon pictures:

Laura with our convertible along Highway 1

Me in front of Sea RanchView from the window


San Francisco

Architectural Book Store in San Francisco


Brian said...

I had a dream last night that after you guys went to San Francisco, you decided to rent your own plane and fly to Missouri. You flew most of the way, but Laura insisted on landing the thing. I couldn't convince you that what you did was probably unwise...and illegal.

Randy & Rachel said...

Glad you guys are home. It looks like you had a great time. California is beautiful. Maybe we all can vacation there together sometime! Well, when you get settled it, let us know. We want to have you over for dinner again (we have a table now!). :)

Brian said...

The car artwork - Are you asking because you want to complement the girls? If you are, then yes, they helped. It was a team effort. If you're asking because you want to know who to blame, then it was definitely the girls' idea and doing.

Randy & Rachel said...

Hey now! Just because we wanted to be fun and festive with your car doesn't give you right to "blame" us for it. I seem to remember a specific heart that was a little misplaced on our front wind shield! I drove like that for 2 weeks before Randy took my car and washed it!