September 4, 2007

Miyazaki San

Hayao Miyazaki is a Japanese filmmaker who directs and writes animated movies with the company Studio Ghibli. His films are usually filled with wonder and a sense of frustration with the complexities of the real world. If you need a break from Hollywood or just wish to go see a really good story, I strongly recommend renting one of his movies.

Possible reasons you have not picked up one of his movies yet:

Japanese Anime is poor quality animation when compared to Disney
You are probably thinking of Pokemon. Please don’t. These films are some of the most beautiful films ever to be drawn. You do have to get used to the style in which the face are done but take it from an artist, they are masterpieces. (try Spirited Away for some beautiful animation)

Animated movies are for kids
I know that in America Disney has dominated the animation market with kid movies but not so in Japan. Animated movies in Japan are sometimes for both the young and the old, sometimes for just adults. (don’t show your kids Princess Mononoke, try My Neighbor Totoro instead)

I don’t like to read subtitles
You won’t have to. Fortunately Disney and Pixar have done some excellent English language version of all of these movies. You will recognize a lot of the voice credits in the later movies from Clair Danes to Billy Bob Thornton to Billy Crystal.

Anime seems like it is only for dorks
True, Anime is watched by some really dorky people but Miyazaki’s films are some of the coolest, most entertaining movies out there. (try Princess Mononoke for an action packed adventure)

Anime is too weird for me
Also true, they will seem a little weird. This is because they are produced in an entirely non western culture. You probably need your American bubble broken anyway. This is a positive exposure to Japanese culture that is not entirely un-relatable, trust me in that you will identify with more than you find odd. (try Howl’s Moving Castel for less culturally weird, try Spirited Away for more culturally weird)


DAD said...

drill in the head ?

Jacob Haynes said...

No drills in the head in any of these movies!

Did dad actually write this??

DAD said...


Pyrrhadox said...
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Pyrrhadox said...


Was that a reference to Pi? And if so, did you honestly recommend Pi to your family? Really, Jake. Really.

Also, kudos for spreading the love of great animation. A friend of mine visited the Ghibli museum this summer and brought me something awesome. I'll post pictures on my blog sometime soonish so you can share my glee.

Jacob Haynes said...

Dad-didn't know you were that Internet savvy? I'm impressed.

Yeah, one of the biggest mistakes of my life was letting my dad see Pi. I will never get him to watch another movie I recommend again. I also had some friends go see the Ghibli museum and would like to see your loot.

Anonymous said...

lol ur reasons are so true and funny.
but that's like the typical american's way of thinking...
i really pity them. (racist~~)

But i stopped watching animes but i guess i'll try the movies.