August 27, 2007

Junkyard Clocks

A junk yard in south Dallas sounds like the perfect location to take your wife shopping, right?

Beyond traditional judgment, I took Laura to a scrap metal yard Saturday morning so that we could find some cool pieces of metal to turn into clock faces. She had a good time taking pictures and I had a good time scrounging like a coon. Unfortunately it was a little too hot to properly enjoy leisurely browsing, but we emerged with some cool aluminum pieces and some beautiful pictures.

I haven’t put together the clocks yet but I laid them out how I wanted, with some nice redwood backing. Once we get them put together and hung up I will post more pictures:

(I also replied to all the comments from my last post)


Joshua said...

Very cool Jacob! I especially like the long vertical one with the gears.

Brian said...

Awesome pictures. I would ask if you're going to frame them, but if you framed all the cool pictures you two took, you'd have no wall.

I am also partial the gear-clock. Why do you have such cool ideas while my mind is totally void of them!