August 8, 2007


Anything to waste time at work.

4 jobs I have had:
-Gas Meter Mechanic (grunt work for my Grandpa and Dad)
-Landscape Caretaker (mowed the lawn for a rich lady in Odessa)
-Lifeguard (saving 3 out of 4 drowning kids ain't that bad)
-Construction Worker at a Girl Scout Camp

4 films I could watch over and over:
-O Brother Where Art Thou
-My Neighbor Totoro

4 Places I have lived:
-Comstock, TX
-Odessa, TX
-Arlington, TX
-Irving, TX

4 Favorite TV shows:
-Samurai Jack
-Cowboy Bebop

4 Places I would love to be:
-with Laura
-a very high place (top of a tree, cliff, building, airplane...)
-backpacking through Europe with close friends
-the Kimbell

4 of my heroes:
-Bill Waterson
-C.S. Lewis
-My Parents

4 Favorite Carlos Scarpa Buildings
-Brion Cemetery
-A church in Switzerland that I can never remember the name of
-Olivetti Showroom

4 Favorite Natural Places Where I have been:
-Big Bend (west Texas)
-Redwoods (northern California)
-Tivoli (central Italy)
-Cozumel (Yucatan peninsula)

4 Best Bookstores:
-Stout Architectural Books, San Francisco
-Recycled Books, Denton
-Green Apple Books, San Francisco
-Half Price, Various locations in Texas

4 Favorite All Time Comic Books:
-Earth X
-Ultimate Spider-man

4 Favorite Mollusks:
-Giant Squid

4 Favorite Dinosaurs:

4 Favorite Theological Discussion Topics
-Effects of the Fall
-Design (Intelligent or otherwise) and Aesthetics
-Role of the Church


ninepoundhammer said...

It's good to see someone tackling the 'easy' subjects like Determinism. :)

Janelle said...

I like your "personalization" of the tagging questions. Where is the bookstore in the picture? I want to go!!

Randy & Rachel said...

Oh, well in the case, you are welcome! We had fun doing it.

Randy & I are going to Oklahoma Friday night and all day Saturday. We might be free Sunday evening though. Want to try to get together? Let us know!

Karen Haynes said...

Who has four favorite mollusk??? Oh and it's nice to know that I am one of your heros cause your also one of mine :)