March 30, 2011

Korea - Malls and Markets

I visited a couple of malls because you can't go walking down the street in Seoul without bumping into a mall. 
Found a Miyazaki store.  Got Laura a stuffed Teto - the fox squirrel from Nausicaa.

An insane toy store.
While walking around a mall  I found an aquarium. 
The ever dreaded, ever spotted Moray Eel.

Attack of the Giant Spider Crabs!  (I don't know why these guys could be mad - it was either this or the market which I'll get to in a minute)

I also visited serval markets - which I found more interesting than the malls.  This one was a fish market - which wasn't that different than the Aquarium - in fact it had a better selection of octopi.

Wanted to get one as a pet - didn't think US customs would find that very funny.

 I also went to a couple of street markets.
Strret food Korean style.  Notice the tentacles.

Some sort of magical roots.

Caligraphy shop.

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Dan and Vanessa said...

Hi! I'm living in Korea and stumbled upon this post from your blog... By any chance do you remember where the mall was with the Miyazaki stuff? I would LOVE to go!