March 22, 2011

Korea - Changdeokgung

Changdeokgung was constructed in 1412 primarily to be the Queen's palace and the Royalty's summer residence - complete with many landscaped garden's.  I would really like to see this place in summer or fall - but it was beautiful even in winter.  Most of the palaces and pavilions were elaborately painted - though we did get to tour some of the 'plain' quarters as well. 

PS It took alot of un-needed work to put together a post from over here - so there will likely be no more travel posts until I get back to the States.  Rest assured that I am doing well, working hard, and enjoying myself.  Onto Pictures:

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Laura said...

Thanks for sharing. The pictures are nice. I like the first one with Karen and Na in the entryway. It reminds me of your St. Ivo entryway shot. Look forward to seeing you and more pictures soon.