March 28, 2011

Korea - Food

I must admit to being a little worried about the food in Korea.  But thanks to usually having someone who spoke Korean and English with our group on most of our dinners we could order accurately and could receive recommendations - which is a small things that really made a difference.  I really liked most of the food I had (and was complemeted several times on how well I rendered the chopsticks). 
Korean restaurants are a mixture of western style seating (with chairs) and eastern style sitting (on the floor).  This is one of the floor ones - and if it was had floor seating the floor was heated.
Every meal came with side dishes - usually side dishes of Kimchi (pickled cabbage).  Kimchi was the only thing I didn't try because I don't like pickled things.

Steak being cooked on the table over coals surrounded by side dishes.

A spicy pork dish. 

Barbeque octopus - which was surprizingly tasty.  Also you can see cooked jellyfish tentacles over to the side - which were alot like pasta.

Grilled eel.  Didn't really care of it.

Large pork dumplings.  Yummy.

A plethora of side dishes.
Ingredients for our soup.

They heated up a boiling soup and then you dipped thinly sliced beef into it to cook the beef.

They had these bakeries on almost every corner.

The raw dough for making dumplings.

You had to be careful with the 'American' food.  Here is a Dunkin Donuts offering Broccoli, Carrot, and Spinach Donuts. 


Karen said...

You tried octopus??? You are getting adventureous.

Corey said...

yummy pictures!

hope you had a blast on your viaje!