July 28, 2010

Passage/Transition Drawings Part 2

My second post on my drawing class from work.  The following drawings/scultpture is based off the words passage and transition.
This one showed a consistent viewpoint that changed through the ages.

This one compared the relative lifespans of a dragonfly, a human, and a bristlecone pine.

The following are are pictures of a sculpture that was based on the words.  It was made out of plywood and plexiglass.  The first three pictures are the plexiglass before I shuffled in the plywood:


Brian said...

Speaking of old organisms, check this out:


Will Blair Art said...

This sculpture is way cool. You have some truly original inspirations. You should open up a sculpture gallery.

Thanks again for helping my family out so much with the move. Hope to chill with y'all again soon under more relaxed circumstance.