July 7, 2010

Passage/Transition Drawing 1

I have started taking an advanced drawing class offer by my company.  About 20 of us meet with a drawing instructor for a couple of hours each Wednesday.  We discuss drawing technique and each others drawings and then we draw (of course).  We were each given a pair of words at the beginning of the class and all of our drawings so far have been based off these words.  My words are passage and transition.  For my first series of drawings I focused on a man hunting a deer focusing on the duration of the hunt and the contrast of the landscape/sky to highlight my words.  Here are the first two versions:
Pencil and charcoal

Ink and gesso

For the third version I built and etched a movable diorama with the laser cutter out of cardboard:


Brian said...

very cool. Maybe I'll get to view the originals someday!

Karen said...

Very nice! How does the moon move on the diorama? Does anybody else get to use the laser cutter besides you ;)

Will Blair Art said...

Dude. Awesome. You have reached a new level of cool with the dioramas.