July 20, 2009


This weekend we traveled to Pennington TX to spend a weekend with friends. Had a lot of fun fishing and catching up. I doubt I can be grateful enough to have such awesome people in my life.

The four couples and the two little ones.

We found a small “Lawn Motorcycle” in the garage and had some fun.

The girls wishing they were riding the motorcycle…I mean having fun painting.

Me shooting my rocket launcher. This was the test run. Later I actually fired four at one time but due to the terrorized photographers we didn’t get a picture. We did get a funny, if chaotic, video out of it.


Rachel with her prize catch.

Laura and Shonda having a wizard’s duel.

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Karen said...

I love the silhouette pictures by the lake - beautiful. I am glad to know that you survived the rocket launch. How did your invention hold up?