July 27, 2009


At the moment it seems pretty likely we will be living in Denton in a month. We found a house for rent that is cheaper per month than our apartment. We went to see it yesterday. On the down side it is small (really small) and old. On the bright side it has a good yard, will have relatively cheap utilities, has an old garage that I could make into a workshop, and will allow dogs.

We also have someone interested in taking over our rent (which would save us about a thousand dollars in breakage/re-letting fees). Things seem to be working out.


Brian said...

Wow. I guess this moving stuff is part of the whole moving-on-with-life thing. I'm excited for you. Let us know if we can help with the move (and we'll at least try to help).

Oh, and I assume that the owner would take care if any and all expenses related to problems with the house, right?

Karen said...

I have dogs for your yard. They already are trained to dig holes and such.