March 14, 2009

Sketch 9

A sketch in honor of Pi day. Also want to wish both Kari and Einstein a happy birthday.


Brian said...

very clever. Cool.

Einstein?! He must be getting really old...

Kari said...

I missed this post by more than a week! Does being in Seattle for spring break count as a good excuse?

Also, thanks for remembering! You seriously have the best track record of anyone for remembering my birthday. It makes my day every year. :)

Jacob Haynes said...

Seattle is a pretty good excuse. How was it this time of year and how is Lila doing?

Kari said...

Early spring is kinda late winter in Seattle, so really it was pretty much the worst possible time to visit. And still, I thought it was absolutely wonderful! The ocean is gorgeous, the people are laid back, and the fish is CHEAP. What more could a person want?

Well, okay, sunshine. But you can't have it all.

Yeah, okay, maybe in California.

(If I don't get in to UCSB, there will be sulking. Excessive sulking.)