March 23, 2009

Sketch 20

Watch Out! Giant fire-breathing cave turtles guard their territory with a terrible tenacity.


ninepoundhammer said...

I hear you, brother--been there, done that!!

heath said...

is that little scuba guy straight from that 'big animals' book we had when we were kids? you know the size reference guy?

heath and christina said... must have a pretty stressful job drawing all day! Can't wait to see ya'll in May!

corey said...

You are still such a little boy, but that is perfectly fine with me.

Jacob Haynes said...

Heath- Good memory, I am glad I wasn’t the only one who liked that book. I just bought another copy from half price a couple of months ago so it seems like a good bet my subconscious was referencing it.

Christina- Look forward to seeing y’all as well. I happen to draw during lunch, though my job hasn’t been pretty boring this week…:)

Corey- I also happen like my nine years old side.