March 11, 2009

1700 Miles of Mountains, Caverns, and Desert

Sorry for the interruption from my daily sketches but I was on a trip to Carlsbad Caverns and Big Bend (and was decidedly away from internet connectivity). So to appease my transgression I will post some pictures and continue with the sketches later today.

The entire group who went to the Caverns.
The descent into the Caverns.

Santa Elena Canyon (The scale is out of proportion in this picture. Those stones are enormous boulders.)
Our campsite.
The view from the top of Emory.
Looking back to the basin where we started our hike.
Neal standing on the edge.

Some hot springs on the river.


Brian said...

Brings back good memories. Did you fight anyone with a staff, while standing on a fallen-tree bridge this time? Cause that was fun.

Make sure you keep me updated if you do something like this again. I'd love to try to go.

Anonymous said...

Did you see any "lions and tigers and bears, Oh my!"?

Jacob Haynes said...

No lions or tigers I am afraid (Neal was really hoping for a show down with a mountain lion), though we did see a family of four bear way down in a canyon.