August 27, 2008

'where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain'

This past weekend we took our last trip for the summer. We traveled to Oklahoma City to visit one of Laura’s old friends and the science museum.

The memorial for the bombing

The Science museum.
This is for Grace. I was as utterly fascinated with this thing as Laura says you were.

The first Harley Davidson.

A very very small airplane.

Just a random sign on a local restaurant

It was then on to Tuttle, the small town in which Laura grew up. Laura playing in the creek behind her old house.

Finally we ended up in the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge. This was a great place to camp. They had Buffalo, Deer, Elk, and Longhorns roaming about.

A few deer were in our camp when we woke up. Here is Laura trying to feed one.

Oh and they had some small mountains with some good boulders to jump around on.

A collard lizard

A small canyon we explored

On our way out we stopped the World Famous Meer’s Hamburger Restaurant. I don’t know about the world famous part, but they did have an awesome burger.


Grace said...

Jacob -
What a sentimental weekend for Laura! Thanks for the picture.
I'm glad you liked the Gravitram.
The one at the Museum of Science in Boston is even cooler and it's about 12 feet tall!

ninepoundhammer said...

Oklahoma! I've always said that no self-respecting cowboy would have fringe on top of his surrey. (At least he wouldn't brag about it!)

Ordinary Extraordinary said...

We used to eat at Meers all the time when my family lived in Oklahoma. They have those giant hamburgers (made from some kind of game animal if I remember right) and do they still have the seismograph in the lobby? Nice pictures. Glad you enjoyed the Windy State.