August 4, 2008

Back in Texas

We’re back in Texas after a week of travel in New England. I’ll post some travel stories and pictures later this week but I thought I would start with some quick thoughts about each of the eight states that we traveled through this week:

New Jersey
Supposedly called the Garden State. From what I have seen it is quite the opposite. But that may be that the two times I have been to New Jersey have been brief travels through Newark getting to NYC. Lesson: don’t put your major airport smack dab in the middle of the ugliest part of America.

New York
The city was really entertaining. Lots of weird people to watch. Lots of dogs in the parks. Lots of free stuff to do if you don’t mind walking. Our brief run through upstate provided a scenic drive (even if it was the same scenic drive as through Connecticut and Massachusetts).

Once out of Stamford it was a gorgeous drive through rolling hills.

It has to be the way they plan their Interstate but Vermont was seemingly uninhabited. Driving up I-91 there was not a single house, business, or billboard in sight and there was barely any signs to indicate exits.

New Hampshire
This was our most beautiful drive on the trip. Rolling mountains and small rocky rivers.

Maine was fun as we got to go to the Lobster festival. Good coastal driving, good crustacean eating.

The Berkshires were nice and Boston was a good end to the trip. Much smaller and younger than NYC. We stayed at a really nice hostel there and saw some good American history as well.

It is good to be back in our own bed again, even if it means 107 degrees outside.

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Sounds great. I expect a call soon!