August 8, 2008

New Architecture in Beijing

(image by Pen9)

Here is a link to an informative website put together by the NY times. It provides some good graphics that explain 5 new architecture projects that Beijing has recently built (2 of which are for the Olympics). Make sure to click on the “New Beijing Architecture” tab on the left and then click on any one of the buildings.

The airport looks nicely done and the rest are if nothing else interesting. There defiantly seems to be a focus on simple forms with complex skins.


For the design firm Herzog and De Meuron this focus on the wrapping of the building happens to be their strength. They have experimented as of late with weird forms but it is still the unique material choices and patterns that set them apart. I have been watching them for awhile it is nice to see them not only so successful but going back to their roots. Some more of their projects:

Winery in California

Signal Box in Basel (photo by numstead)

De Young Museum in San Fransico (image by me)

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