February 25, 2011

Oscar Animated Shorts

Watched the Oscar nominated animated shorts last night.  They were really enjoyable and my pick to win is the film ‘Madagascar’.  It truly felt like a travel sketchbook come to life.

My other favorites were Shawn Tan’s ‘Lost Thing’ and Pixar’s ‘Night and Day’.  Shawn Tan has drawn a couple of children’s books that I really like and it was a great surprise to see a movie by him.

I think ‘Night and Day’ is one of Pixar’s most creative efforts in the short film department (and that is saying a lot), not to mention the tremendous homage to Chuck Jones.  Also while on the subject I am also rooting against Pixar in the full length animated file department.  ‘Toy Story 3’ was great but ‘The Illusionist’ was sublime.

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