February 24, 2011

Modular Slotted Toys

At work I am in a small lull between big projects and I was asked to help out on a design for a modular display system for our firm’s work.  So with the help of the ever handy laser cutter I ended up making what amounted to several fun, tinker-toy-esque models.  Once we complete the finished display I'll put up pictures (will be ready in early April).

The circular module.

Ended up being rather organic - almost leaf like.

The diamond module.

Ended up being crystaline with a complex spatial quality.

The square module.

This is the one we'll go with as it provides the most stability with the most display type of areas.


Laura said...

These are fun. Do we get to keep the rejected models? I like the circular one.

Anonymous said...

dam they pay you to play dad