February 15, 2011


I have yet to get really excited about the Ipad.  Most everything it offered was already available to me in my home computer – and it seemed to have many drawbacks: closed software and input being the most looming.  Also I was waiting for someone to come up with a really slick drawing app for it. 

And then I stumbled onto this today: http://www.noteslate.com/

I really didn’t expect to see a really good digital sketchpad come out anytime soon yet this looks to be it.  And almost everything else about this guy appeals to me: you draw directly on the screen, it tries to excel simply at what it is, it doesn’t try to do everything or connect to everything, has USB and SD inputs, it is relatively cheap, and looks great.  Probably will get one when they come out this summer, depending on reviews and such. 


Caleb said...

I'm impressed. If they actually bring that to market and keep it that simple it should be awesome.

On a wim I bought a Boogie Board this last summer never expecting it to be anything other than a geeky toy. It has a million drawbacks. Low contrast screen, no kind of save whatsoever, no erase except full screen wipe ... and well I guess that's it. It's lived in front of my keyboard since. I doodle database relations so I don't forget the key bits while I'm programming. I jot number while on the phone. I scribble bits of data trying to figure out what format I will need to store it. All in all having a very temporary work surface has proven far more useful than I expected.

Every once in a while something will end up there I wish I could get back in a few minutes after I wipe and work on something else. What you spotted looks like just that product!

Will Blair Art said...

Oh man...this is really cool.