November 29, 2010

Tis the Season for Microbiology

So this year we really tried hard to geek out with the Christmas tree decorations (not that we haven’t done this before).  We went with a 'microscopic universe' theme complete with DNA garland (made from pipe cleaners), micro-organism ornaments (made with the laser cutter), and a lithium atom tree topper.  We also threw in some glass globe ornaments filled with the biodiversity of our backyard.  Some pics:

The tree in its full glory.

A neuron cell.

A plant stem section.

Some pampas grass.

Microscopic wood grain.

Beware the bacteriophage!

A cross section of an animal cell.

Even the tree skirt resembled phyto plankton
The tree topper was a Lithium atom (because of its star like appearance and Trinitarian theme)

The micro-organisms ornaments

The first round of backyard terrariums.

The second round of backyard terrariums.

The first round of petri dish ornaments.

The second round of petri dish ornaments.


Joshua Butcher said...

I'm glad I know people as creative as are you two. Too bad it isn't rubbing off yet :-D

Brian said...

I feel like I read most of your posts and think, "Wow!...and weird...and cool..."

I like the backyard items. Very cool. Even better - the bacteriophage. It looks like it's too's already injected some Christmas spirit into you.

(That was my pun-homage to Josh)

Karen said...

I use to think you were one of a kind. But now I have to include Laura in the mix. Strange as it may be, that is a BEAUTIFUL tree. The terrariums are my favorite. You can never go wrong with God's own creations.

corey said...

it would make more sense to me if either of you two were scientists! why aren't there busts of roman architects or charles dickens ;)

Grace said...

The tree turned out really cool; I especially loved the amoeba!
It was really cool to see your creative process unfold - I felt priviledged to be in on the fun.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT!!! That is very original... Makes my Dallas Cowboy Themed Christmas Tree look elementary! Miss you guys! Have a wonderful holiday! Love, Becky