December 1, 2007

Dinosaur Oragami

Last week Laura and I went a bought a cheap as free Christmas tree from Wal-Mart and decided to decorate it with origami animals. We went to the library today and raided the children’s section for some extra design’s and hit the jackpot: a whole book dedicated to dinosaur origami. So here are some of our creations:







Horseshoe Crab

Dove (for top of tree)

Cardinal (folded by Grace)

The Two Mice

Sea Turtle

Humming Bird


Brian said...

Cool, and nerdy. But nerdy in a good way. Those pictures look too professional for your apartment. Are they yours?

I have dinosaurs on my tree too, but they're not paper. I think they're some kind of paper mache (how do you spell that!?). Stegasaurus and Triceratops.

Jacob Haynes said...

They do look too professional for our apartment but it just goes to show you what a black shirt and a cheap photo editing program can do for you.

I like that I keep getting the comment "nerdy in a good way". I should get a trophy for being the most nerdy person in the best way possible but then that would be nerdy in a bad way.

Its obviously paiper maichai.

ninepoundhammer said...

Impressive. I would do that, too but I lack two important ingredients: talent and patience. Oh, and that much paper.

Grace said...

Dear Jacob and Laura -

I love the pictures. I like the stegosaurus and the mice.
Bye the way - Will Blair is back tomorrow!
Take care - Grace