August 18, 2010

New York Part 3 - The American Natural History Museum

 (note: due to bloggers new "picture uploader" some of the pictures are sideways.  Hopefully I will figure out how to fix this glitch in the future.)
The subway stop for the museum, complete with mosics of all kinds of animals.

The Wall of Biodiversity - officially Laura's favorite room.

Lifesize model of a Blue Whale.

Spider Monkeys!

There is a rumor that this mountain lion was killed by my Grandfather and given as a gift to the museum. 

The Rose center.  The big sphere in the middle is the planetarium and also a scale sun.


Laura said...

No, no, no. The mountain lion at the Fort Worth Natural History Museum is the one that supposedly came from C.A.

Jacob Haynes said...

Shhhh...I'm trying to start ridiculous family legends.

Karen said...

That mountain lion looks exactly like the mountain lion that jumped over your Gran's head. I am sure that it is the same one;)

Momo said...

The Wall of Biodiversity looks great. Enjoyed seeing all the photos. Thanks.