August 16, 2010

New York Part 1 – The Silver Shed

I am going to do a post a day for the next four days on our recent trip to New York (because I took a lot of photos).  My first post will be photos from the place we stayed.  Laura and I use the website a lot and have found some truly remarkable places to stay (and for cheap).  Our accommodations in Manhattan turned out to be one of the coolest experiences on our trip. 

The guy who was leasing out the room is a sculptor and lives with about four other artists in a house on the roof of a building in mid-town.  You literally take the elevator up some office building to the top floor – walk up another flight of stairs – and their house/studio is in the middle of the roof.  It was like sleeping in a studio from school mixed with a penthouse apartment.

It had a great view of the Empire State Building and of all the water towers you could ask for.  These guys probably had the largest “yard” in Manhattan.  When you visit a city as a tourist, there is so much of it that is automatically shut off to you.  Especially New York - because you see apartments and offices everywhere but you only see them from the street as an outsider.  But staying somewhere like this allows you to penetrate the tourist walls just by giving you a little more perspective. 

So on with the pictures:

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