May 6, 2010

Sometimes Breaking the Rules – Dove Message 1

I am not a word person as most of you know but every now and then I can be irritated into verbally inclined creative outlets. Today I ate a Dove chocolate at work. On the inside of the foil wrapper there is written “promise messages” – usually just annoying, trite sayings – but the one today was so particularly ironic I had to do something with it. The message was “Sometimes breaking the rules is more fun”. What rules did Dove or Dove eaters ever break? So I just replaced “rules” and “fun” until I got four messages that I liked:

Like I said, unusually verbal of me but I liked the exercise so I plan on doing it again when I get another Dove message.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Heheh! I love this - I used to write critiques of the inane quotes on my daily office calendar, but after a while it started getting me down.