May 21, 2010

House Updates

Been busy building shelves. Just got the books up today.

And some of Laura's garden.
When we first planted:
Growth so far:


Joshua Butcher said...

Looks great on both fronts! I'll have to try and persuade you to build me something if I ever get the opportunity to get new shelves.

Karen said...

Nice! What type of wood did you use for the book shelves? The only thing you have to do now is wait and see how your second story will hold up to the stress of the load! The shelves over the stove really made a great improvement to the kitchen.

Will Blair Art said...

Nice shelves man! The notches are clever; did you use nails/adhesives?

Jacob Haynes said...

Thanks everyone.

@Will – It is primarily just held together with friction and gravity. There are a few screws that are really just failsafe measures. The whole thing didn’t seem like it was going anywhere when it didn’t have them in – if fact it took a lot of banging with a mallet to get them all to fit together in the first place. No glue.