May 25, 2010

The Evil Cul-De-Sac

Good article on potential effects of cul-de-sacs on safety and vitality:

Some of the comments are just as interesting.


Will Blair Art said...
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Will Blair Art said...

Nice article. Its very true too. In a related topic:I went to some city planning seminars at A&M and there were panels discussing the benefits and draw backs to widening roadways. When roads are widened in the name of convenience, and speed they often get the opposite result; medians are then required for safety, which bisect the road and prohibits cross street access (especially for pedestrians); there becomes a need for more lights at every side street because cars move faster; and at every light there is need for a left hand turn lane with a protected arrow signal which adds another rotation to the light. So in summary, the need for cars sucks, and moving more cars at a faster speed isn't the best option