October 13, 2008

Christmas without The Christ

Despite my intentions to not involve myself in a creative endeavor this weekend, I decided to participate in my firm’s annual Christmas card design. The rules were:

-Be creative

-Stay to 5 by 7 proportions

-No religious imagery

They said to think about it as “the holiday seen through the eyes of the architect”. What holiday? We can’t tell you because it would offend people. Anyways, onto the cards:

The first is called “Visions of Sugarplums” and depicts children nestled snug in their beds but instead of dreaming of candy, they are dreaming of the platonic forms.

My second entry titled “Snowflake Architecture” is just a snowflake made out of the shapes of a compass, triangles, and x-acto blades.

Don’t worry, our actual Christmas card that we send out will have plenty of “religious imagery”.


Blake said...

Ahhh...the futility of secular thought at times can be amusing!

mom said...

I could be wrong, but those sweet little children in bed look suspiciously like my three children. Except they would have been dreaming of dinosaurs, basketballs, and horses.

Jacob Haynes said...

You know, it must have been a subconcious thing. Both Laura and I noticed that I had drawn Corey, Heath and Myself once I was finished.

Adam Jones said...

The 'platonic forms' are hysterical!