October 28, 2008

Anyone know any Japanese Carpenters?

Good news, I won the storybook competition! Now I just have to figure out how to build it.
Also (and more importantly), my brother is back home from Afganistan. He called me today sounding tired but good.


Brian said...

You are the man!

And I'm even more glad about Heath being back. Give him our love.

Blake said...

Glad to hear about both pieces of good news! Looks like a fun challenge is ahead of you! Take it easy.

Grace said...

Dear Jacob -
What did you decide to add as your interactive features?
How much time do you have to get it done, and when will it be on display, etc?
Take care -

Mom said...

Congrats! What is the timeline for building this thing?

Jacob Haynes said...

Thanks everyone.

The installation dates are Jan 31, Feb 1,7,8 (meaning that the majority of construction has already happened off site by then).

The exhibit runs March 7 through Dec 31

The removal dates are Jan 2,3,9,10 (2010) in which I get to keep or sell the playhouse.

As a side note: The advantage to being at a large firm is that there are plenty of people willing to help out with this. My friend Jason and I are scheduling the materials and construction needs and hopefully will get some stuff donated. Also, the arboretum gives us $2500 which should cover most of it.

Jacob Haynes said...

Oh and I decided to do a mural on the sides of the planters for the interactive element.

corey said...

so how big is it? like actual size or scaled down?