February 27, 2008

Looking Forward in Time and Westward in Space

Our road trip is getting closer (now only 2 weeks away) and I am getting excited. I am leaving the activities in Colorado to the MacLennan clan. My job is to get us there. This is our proposed route: (the blue is the going and the red is the coming)

Things I hope to see along the way (in no particular order):

Vertical Geology (mountains, cliffs, precipices, large boulders, etc.)
Lava Beds
My Family
Rocket the Incorrigible Corrugated Courageous Corgi
A pretty impressive arch
Chaco Canyon
Large, vast expanses of no one else
Georgia O’Keefe
Santa Fe
Giant Windmills
Sand Dunes

If anyone knows any good road trip games or music suggestions I would love to hear them. We are going to be in the car a while. Forty something hours of a while.


Raghu said...

I can make you a cd too, if you want! Hey, did you know Blake was coming in town tom night? He will be there for lost tom night at jons.

Janelle said...

A couple suggestions from the Franklin Family Travels: books on tape (Dorothy Sayers' "The Nine Tailors" is an excellent choice ;), sermons, and on our last trip we listened to a few lectures on Martin Luther and the beginnings of the Reformation. And of course growing up, we always played the alphabet game on car trips...

Brian said...

Road trips are always great times to be educated on things you might not normally listen to while at home! On the website of Reformed Theological Seminar (or maybe it was in iTunes, after searching for RTS), I downloaded entire courses on Church History, C.S. Lewis, the Puritans, and lots of other stuff.

How long is your trip going to be? If it's only going to be Spring Break, then I'm guessing, only guessing, that you won't be able to catch all the places you listed, especially if you really want to stop and enjoy a few of those places for more than a couple photos. But don't let me be a downer!

Jacob Haynes said...

You are more than welcome to make me as many CDs as you want. The last one you made me introduced me to Iron and Wine, Sufjan Stevens, and the Shins, of which I am very grateful.

Is the alphabet game the one in which you try to find something that starts with the next letter of the alphabet?

It seems like a lot of places but very few are actual destinations (deserts, mountains, etc.) and a lot of them overlap or don’t really take all that long to see. I basically just looked for cool stuff along the route that we will already be driving on. Though we will be spending three days driving up there and two days driving back.

I’ll have to check out the RTS.

mom said...

Hey, I can't tell from looking at your map, but are you going through Grants, NM. They have ice caves (and volcanos)around there. The website is www.icecaves.com.