February 15, 2008

Love is...Bookmaking?

This Valentines Day Laura and I helped make a book for Neal to give to his girlfriend, Jenny. Its kindof a cheesy kid’s book, but it was fun, and the end product turned out quite beautiful. Neal wrote it, I illustrated it, another friend Becky (who is a fantastic artist) made the book, and Laura coordinated all of us, helped edit, and in general gave everyone a helpful set of hands. We all found the process to be quite fun and were completely in awe of Becky’s bookmaking process. There is quite a lot that goes into a book. Neal gives it to Jenny tonight with much laughing and crying forecasted.

Here is a slideshow of the pages of the book.

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Blake said...

Man, that is really cool...I like that a lot and as usual the illustrations are pretty classically Jacob! Thanks for sharing it!

I am also glad that I was able to help you clarify your views on gay marriage and civil unions, even though I am not sure I have it 100% pinned down yet...all I know is that if my parents saw that post...well, they would die. Their son is becoming one of them nasty liberals, even though I am really just moderate! lol... oh well, que sera, sera!