February 4, 2008

From highways to byways, oceans to creeks

This weekend held beautiful weather for those of us in the Dallas area so Laura and I took advantage of it. On Saturday we went to the Fort Worth Japanese Gardens and on Sunday we took a walk around our apartment and found some abandoned train tracks and a water tower, which isn’t the most spectacular scenery but we had fun.

Oh, and I remembered that I told my mom that I would put up pictures of the dragon drawings that are hanging on our wall.


mom said...

I have a interesting detail about railroad tracks. When people use the toilet on passenger trains, the waste products are deposits straight on the tracks. Of course you were on abandoned tracks, so I guess you were safe.

Oh, and of course, I love the dragons.

Grace said...

Dear Jacob -
Thanks for the new pictures.
I especially liked two from the Japanese Garden: The koi with the branches reflecting in the water, and the one of y'all in the bamboo. I was suprised that you didn't pretend to have a magical sword fight running through it, like in a chinese martial arts movie!
Bye for now and take care - Grace

Jacob Haynes said...

Mom 1,

That's gross. Funny but gross.

Mom 2,

Glad you enjoyed the pictures. I definitely had a sword fight in my mind but it was a little too crowded with impressionable young ones for me to start jumping around on bamboo.