September 20, 2007

Try to Take Over the World!

We got two additions to our family yesterday. Penelope and Amelia were once two humble lab mice who were rescued from death by snake by my wife. While I initially though the snake option was better, they are pretty darn entertaining (except when they get a bit too excited and pee on you).

I have been getting a treehouse itch lately and while tromping through a patch of urban wilderness yesterday discovered several large trees worthy of such an undertaking. Laura says that I have to build her some shelves first though.

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ninepoundhammer said...

I brought some rats home from high school biology class once. I really enjoyed them; rats (and mice) get a bad rap.

I also had a boa constrictor once who like mice. In fact, he loved them. (It was kind of creepy watching him eat, though.)