October 12, 2010


We made a quick run through Belo Horizonte visiting the Pampulha suburb due to the presence of several Niemeyer buildings that were built around a man made lake.  The most distinctive was a small church dedicated to St. Francis.
The front of the church.

The large mural on the back side.

An art museum deisgned by Niemeyer - was originally a casino until gambling was outlawed in Brazil.

At the museum we got a great surprize when a herd of Capybara ambled up out of the lake.  Largest rodents in the world - think of them like large beavers without tails and webbed hoof paws.

Laura shows how big they were.

Later they went and played in the museum fountain.

Oh and there was a presidential election while we were in Brazil.  There were ads and supporters everywhere.  Also we learned that it is mandatory to vote in Brazil.

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