October 14, 2010

Manaus and the Rainforest

Our bed and breakfast on the outskirts of town.

The Rio Negro right before it flows into the Amazon.  It was big.

Another boat on the river.

Cool twisty trunk.

We went tree climbing with the tour company Amazon Tree Climbing.  They were amazing guides and we had alot of fun with them.

Laura getting suited up for tree climbing.

And up she goes.

I am following behind.

Up in the tree about a hundred feet off the ground.

Looking back down at the forest floor.

An Ants nest.  Our guide conviced us that they didn't hurt and got Laura to cover her hand in ants.  She reported that they did indeed bite - they just didn't leave welps.

Waterfalls at Presidente Figueiredo

We have clothes on I swear.

Delicious grilled river fish.

Opera house in Manaus

Fish market on the river.

They had some pretty big fish

and alot of shrimp.


Karen said...

Laura is one brave girl!!! Climbing trees, playing with ants, and skinny dipping. But I am wondering WHO took the naked pic?

Will Blair Art said...

Dude. Phenomenal. Can't wait to hear all the stories