February 9, 2010

Transformer 09 1956 Volkswagon Beetle

For Corey, naming rights are yours.

As a side note, if I draw a transformer for you, you get first dibs at naming it. If you don't want to provide a name then I am sure we can find somebody to provide one (cough*Kari*cough).


pyrrhadox said...

*smiles innocently* Why, I have NO idea what you mean. Now if you'll excuse me, I feel a pressing need to research the etymology of beetle.

(So awesome; two inquiries into entomological etymology this week! :D)

Heath said...

I like how out of all the transformers you have drawn for certain people, only me and corey have been decepticons.. well at least we have the tank on our side

Jacob Haynes said...

My siblings are the only ones cool enough to be Decepticons.

corey said...

I was thinking it would turn out all cute and cuddley. Not the case :)

My brain hurts right now, so I will name it later

Jacob Haynes said...

Go here if you want a cute and cuddley volkswagon transformer: