February 18, 2010

A Decade of Driving

I created a map of Laura’s and my road travels over the last decade. We have definitely covered a lot of ground in the last ten years (and I am grateful for all the opportunities) but as this map shows there is a lot more ground to cover (and this is only the U.S.).


Laura said...

I'm contemplating whether we should include drives before '99 because I'v been to lots of different part of Oklahoma, to Missouri, to Memphis TN, and to Washinton D.C. (actually the D.C. was in '99,so it could be added I know we rode subways alot though). Also, the some of the radical cartography maps that we were inspired by also showed flights. That might be an addition that would represent the distances we've traveled a little better. Also, the roads for Florida and Louisiana still look a lot straighter than I think they were.

corey said...

If you go to Memphis, let me know like a month in advance so I know when Im working/not working...I would LOVE to go!

Brian said...

Cool maps. You guys have been blessed to get to experience that. Enjoy!